Antrim County

1928 Soil Survey

In 1928, the Bureau of Chemistry and Soils of the U.S. Department of Agriculture published a Soil Survey of Antrim County, based on field work conducted in 1923. The field work was apparently conducted at about the same time as the Land Cover study performed by the Michigan Department of Conservation.

In addition to the general description and location of the various types of soils in Antrim County, the document provides a snapshot of agriculture in the County at the time of publication.

The 1928 soil survey document and the accompanying soil map have been scanned, and are provided here for downloading.

1928 Antrim County Soil Survey (7.4 MB)
1928 Antrim County Soil Map (9.7 MB)

The original soil survey report and the soil map are available for viewing at the Elk Rapids Area Historical Society museum in Elk Rapids.

Click for information about the most current (1978) Soil Survey of Antrim County.

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