Antrim County

Abstract Department

The Abstract office is the office you need to come to when you need research done on your property. We can supply you with the complete history of your property from the time when the U.S. government owned it to the present. We maintain a Tract index which is a breakdown of the property by Section-Township-Range which gives Grantors and Grantees, Dates, Libers and Pages, and descriptions.

We are the office to come to when you have questions about your property. The use of the Tract Index is a quicker and more efficient way to research your property. The Abstract office was also established in State Government but many of the Counties in the State of Michigan stopped using the Tract Index for years. Now they are back to that system because of its time saving way in researching property. We have title companies, attorneys, oil companies that have continually used our office for these searches.

This page last updated on 9/18/2019.


Carrie Hebden


203 E. Cayuga

PO Box 374

Bellaire, MI 49615

Hours Monday Friday, 8:30am - 5:00pm