Antrim County


There is a 1/4 mile of beach on Grand Traverse Bay or Lake Michigan. The sunsets are spectacular. You don't want to miss a moment!

04_kayayers.jpg sunset_1a.jpg

We have a handicap accessible paved trail that will be perfect for biking, walking, tricycles and roller blades. NO Motorized Vehicle Traffic allowed on any trail.

NinNanda Kikendan Mitig is the Native American Anishinaabe Tribe name for Learning Tree Trail.

The park’s trail system is a learning opportunity with informational signage describing the forest's diversity. There is information about Red Pine Plantation, Natural White Pine , Oak Release, Jack Pine and Aspen Regeneration all on the trails.


Aishquagonabe Mikana is the Native American Anishinaabe Tribe name for Feather of Honor Trail, which is named after a Great Chief who lived between the park and US 31.

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