Antrim County

Capital Improvement Committee

Antrim County’s Capital Improvement Plan (CIP) is a collaborative effort. Each of the County’s departments and offices are asked to contribute and the Capital Improvements Committee reviews the submitted projects. The Capital Improvement Committee holds public meetings during the creation of the CIP and the members are always interested to hear comments from the public.

After the completed CIP is approved by the Capital Improvements Committee, it is sent to the Board of Commissioners for their final approval. If approved by the Board, it is sent to the County’s Economic Development Corporation and the Planning Commission for review. The approved CIP is available on the County’s website here.

Though projects included in the CIP do not have any guarantee of being funded, the document is a guide for the Board of Commissioners and the public it serves to plan for the County’s future capital needs.

    Bill Bailey (Planning Commission)
    Karen Bargy (Vice-Chair, Board of Commissioners)
    Valerie Craft (Information Technology Director)
    Pete Garwood (County Administrator)
    Jason Helwig (Commissioner)
    Dawn LaVanway (Commissioner)
    Gary Lockwood (Planning Commission)
    Bradley Rizzo (County Finance Director)
    Dave Vitale (Maintenance Director)


This page last updated on 1/22/2021.