Antrim County

Economic Development Corporation (EDC)

    Mike Allison, President
    Rachel Krino, Vice President
    Veronica Welter, Secretary
    Sherry Comben
    Peter Garwood
    Dave Heeres
    Bonnie Robbins
    Kathleen Peterson
    John Meeske

Mission Statement of the Antrim County EDC: "Retain, expand, and promote County-wide economic growth and stability."

Click here for the results of the EDC's 2016 online survey.

Click here for the EDC's Strategic Plan.

The EDC was organized with reference to Act 338 of the Public Acts of 1974. Its purposes are:

1.  To alleviate and prevent conditions of unemployment.
2.  To assist and retain local industries and commercial enterprises.
3.  To strengthen and revitalize the economy of the County of Antrim.
4.  To provide means and methods for the encouragement and assistance of industrial and commer­cial enterprises in locating, purchasing, constructing, reconstructing, modern­izing, improving, maintaining, repairing, furnishing, equipping, and expanding in the County of Antrim.
5.  To encourage the location and expansion of commercial enterprises in the County of Antrim.
6.  To more conveniently provide needed services and facilities of the commercial enterprises in the County of Antrim and its residents.

The statute and the EDC's articles of incorporation and by-laws allow for a fairly broad range of authority to plan, finance, and implement projects to bring about the foregoing.

In 2020, the EDC will meet every third Tuesday of the month at 9:00 a.m. in the Antrim County Buidling, conference room 211. If you wish to be on the agenda, please contact the County Administration office (231-533-6265) at least one week in advance.

This page last updated on 5/27/2020.