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Current Foreclosure Publication
2020 Tax Publication for the 2018 taxes 

Past Publications
2019 Tax Publication for the 2017 taxes
2018 Tax Publication for the 2016 taxes


NOTICE OF SHOW CAUSE HEARING is scheduled for 2:30 pm, January 19th, 2021, at Antrim County Building, 1st floor, Room 120, 203 E Cayuga St, Bellaire MI 49615.
Any person with an interest in the property forfeited to the County Treasurer may appear at the show cause hearing and show cause why absolute title to that property should not vest in the Foreclosing Governmental Unit. 

NOTICE OF JUDICIAL FORECLOSURE HEARING is scheduled for 11:00 AM, February 16, 2021, at Antrim County Courthouse, 13th Judicial Circuit Court Room, 3rd Floor, 205 E Cayuga St, Bellaire MI 49615.
At this hearing the Foreclosing Governmental Unit shall ask that the court enter a judgment foreclosing the property as requested in the petition for foreclosure. A person claiming an interest in a parcel of property set forth in the petition for foreclosure, who desires to contest that petition, must file written objections with the clerk of the circuit court and serve those objections on the Antrim County Treasurer, the Foreclosing Governmental Unit. The docket number of the petition is 20-9215-CH.

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