Antrim County

911 is changing in the same way that using our phones is changing. Most calls used to be made from land line phone.  The majority of 911 callers in Antrim County now call from their cell phones.

The prevalence of cell phones has brought about many positive changes for telecommunicators. For instance, people are able to call 911 from any place because they carry a cell phone with them. They do not need to be at a particular location with a land line phone. However, there are some complications that wireless cell phones bring.

Unlike land line phones, cell phones do not have one particular address attached to them. Also, cell phones can sometimes lose connection mid way through a call.

Antrim County Central Dispatch urges county residents and visitors to consider using a program that may help with these situations. It is called Smart 911. When a caller has a Smart 911 profile important information is automatically relayed to 911 dispatchers.

Here is some information that may be included on a Smart 911 profile:

  • Location information: possible locations you are calling from 
  • Medical Conditions:  information for for medical first responders (ex. medications, allergies, etc)  
  • Facility Profiles:  information about the building you may be in 
For more information on this program, click this link to the Smart911 website, where you may also sign up.

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This page last updated on 7/20/2017.