Proposed Public Safety Center

Public Safety Concept
Here is where you can find a collection of information regarding a proposed Public Safety Center.


Q: Why are we calling it a Public Safety Center and not a jail?

A: Only 1/3 of the proposed Public Safety Center would house the jail. The other 2/3 would house the Sheriff and the Sheriff’s staff, the dispatch center, the emergency manager, and a space that can be used as both a training room and an Emergency Operations Center. The current concept plan also includes space for secure mental health treatment. (4/24/23)

Q: Wouldn’t adding to the existing jail be cheaper than building something new?
A significant portion of the existing jail was built in 1955, well past its expected life span. Bringing a nearly 70-year-old jail into full compliance would have a substantial cost; plumbing repairs and replacement alone were estimated at $750,000 - $2,000,000 in 2022. There are significantly more complicated and costly issues as well, particularly issues of safety for corrections officers, staff, and inmates. (5/8/23)