Press Release - County Building Renovation Progress

October 16, 2023

For Immediate Release

Contact: Jeremy Scott, County Administrator

Renovation Progress

BELLAIRE, Mich. -- Renovations to the County Building began on July 10. Construction fencing has been placed around the entire building. Public parking in the non-fenced area of the Cayuga Street lot will be allowed throughout the project.

Currently, the only public entrance is on the building’s south side through an open walkway in the construction fence. This walkway can be reached from the Cayuga Street parking lot.

Demolition of the exterior panels, which had been showing signs of severe wear, is fully complete. Interior demolition has also been completed and foundation work is nearing completion. “With the panels removed, the immediate concerns over safety have been dealt with,” said Jeremy Scott, Antrim County Administrator. “We are thankful for the patience of both the public and staff as the exterior is reconstructed.”

Installation of the exterior sheathing and framing for the replacement exterior walls is well underway. Sealant has been applied to the new sheathing (in yellow) and to the existing concrete block walls (black sealant). The final exterior will be primarily a mix of brick and insulated metal panels; final window locations can be seen outlined in the new sheathing.

The project remains on track for completion in early 2024. For more information, please contact the Antrim County Administration Office at or 231-533-6265.

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