Antrim Promise

shieldwebsiteDisclaimer: The Antrim Promise is not a response and preparedness plan. It is a set of guidelines that can be used by municipal organizations, local businesses, and community-based organizations in Antrim County as they prepare to re-open and re-engage in compliance with Governor Whitmer's executive orders. 

The Coronavirus Disease of 2019 (COVID-19) pandemic has presented unique public health challenges that have been faced in our lifetime.

Some say that all disasters are local, and this is especially true in a pandemic because national governments, aid agencies, and neighboring municipalities will likely be overwhelmed by the pandemic and unable to provide help. During this pandemic, Antrim County has been working to provide our community with resources and information that they need to stay safe.  Unlike most disasters, which tend to happen as a single event that ends within a day or so (such as a hurricane or an earthquake), a pandemic may occur in a series of waves, each one lasting approximately 6 to 12 weeks. The very worst week of the first wave is likely to occur around the fourth or fifth week after the pandemic starts in your area. It is difficult to predict the impact of each subsequent wave. However, because of changes in the virus itself or the additional strain that each successive wave places on our resources, each wave has the potential to be more lethal than the previous one.

In light of this global pandemic, Antrim County Government decided to stand up its Emergency Operation Center (EOC) in late March to address local issues related to the COVID-19 crisis such as equipping first responders with limited and critical personal protective equipment (PPE), communicating with our local communities about important developments, and providing resources to those in need. The EOC has partnered with the Antrim Economic Development Corporation (ECD) to create the Antrim Promise, a subcommittee of the EDC comprised of EOC personnel, local chambers of commerce, downtown development authorities, and other leaders to focus on community health and safety as well as long-term economic recovery. The Antrim Promise is a plan intended to guide county and local governments, businesses, and residents through pandemic recovery. It includes analysis, recommendations, and templates for use in our recovery. The plan has no direct authority, nor can it regulate government or employer policies. The recommendations are only for guidance; it is an expression of Antrim County’s Promise to its residents to lead our county and its people through pandemic recovery into a safer, stronger future.

To remain viable, the plan is consistent, but remains a living document. This means the plan retains the ability to adapt as we move forward through recovery the recovery process. Now is the time to consider ways to adapt to the “new normal.” The Antrim Promise combines the best of our communities, residents, and businesses with a forward-looking framework that coordinates our efforts to create a more resilient County, stronger communities, and a more robust economy.

This plan has been developed by the Antrim County Emergency Operations Center (EOC) and the Antrim County Economic Development Corporation (EDC) with input from health experts, chambers of commerce leadership and business and industry leaders. It includes specific recommendations which enable most businesses to re-open responsibly without the burden of heavy mandates. This will be a gradual process, with room to adjust as we evaluate changing data.