Marine/Snow Patrol

tn_torch_fest_2016The Marine Safety Program of Antrim County employs one full time Recreational Deputy and several part-time Marine Deputies to patrol the waterways of our County.

The Unit operates five boats that are stationed at Lower Harbor Elk Rapids, Upper Harbor Elk Lake, Torch River, Clam Lake, and Intermediate Lake.  There is also a jet boat trailered and it’s primarily utilized on inland lakes. The program routinely services twenty one waterways within the County.

The primary focus of the program is search and rescue, education, and enforcement.

The Marine Unit focuses efforts on education in an attempt to gain voluntary compliance with marine laws and safety regulations. Our staff partners with local business owners to provide venues for local youths to receive boater safety instruction from Law Enforcement Officers. Anybody may use the DNR endorsed web sites as well and take the boater's safety course and print there own certificate, from either of these sites or

Enforcement continues to be a component of marine safety, but education and compliance with boating laws have the most impact on creating a safe and enjoyable boating environment.